Honeycomb shelving – hexagonal shelving – 12″ wall shelving – decorative shelving



They are sold as single units of one honeycomb shelf or hexagonal shelf, and you can create any arrangement you want on a wall, window, shelf, or any idea you come up with. They come unpainted or unstained for this price, however can be stained and finished for an extra $10.00 per each honeycomb shelf.

This unit in the picture consists of six honeycomb shelves put together to show you what can be done and is just an example (not sold like that unless you request it and order 6 of them). They can be used individually or fastened together to simplify mounting on the wall. Each unit measures 12″ to the outside of each hexagon, and the shelf width is 5.5″. While not intended to hold many items, these shelves add a decorative touch to your wall and home.

Have them stained and finished for only an extra $10.00 each
They are made from solid pine and are available in a clear natural wood look or stained with espresso stain, walnut. They are sealed with wood sealer only at this time. When we finish them, we just use a brush to paint a clear indoor sealer on them. We do not varnish or lacquer them, as we do not have the setup to do that. It still looks very good; however, I just wanted to let you know in case you’re expecting a super smooth look.

When you order these they come unpainted or unfinished (we do sand them and are ready for you to paint/stain) please request if you would like them finished at the time of ordering.

If I get enough interest in this product I will make other sizes. There are a few different ways you can fasten them to the wall, and there are some good how-to videos on YouTube. We can discuss that if you have any questions or concerns.