Large Double bench outdoor chair: Table in middle


This bench is specifically designed for larger individuals or for those who simply prefer extra room in the seating space. It features a 24″ width opening in the seating area and a sturdy, robust build.


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This is a fantastic addition for spring and summer, and it’s the perfect time to order. They come unpainted, allowing you to customize them to save on costs. Built from 2×4 wood, this sleek design utilizes minimal material, further reducing expenses. Plus, they are all screwed together with deck screws that won’t rust, ensuring durability and longevity. Place your order now to ensure you have one in time for the spring and summer.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend you do what I am doing in this video. It is only done to demonstrate the strength of the double chair. Mine are built more sturdy than others, so please do not attempt this at home.

Size: 71″ long, chair opening is 24″ wide. This bench accommodates well over 1200lbs. The backrest has a 15-degree angle for comfortable sitting. The slats that go across the seat and center table are 7/8″ thick, whereas most only use 3/4″ or less, making them more robust.

We custom-build these items upon request. To place an order, add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout. Please note that orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s crucial to complete your order promptly.

Our benches are sold as-is, built to be strong and sturdy. To keep costs low, they are provided unpainted, unstained, and unsanded. Buyers are responsible for any finishing touches to suit their preferences.