Rustic Wall Mounted Shoe Rack – Wooden Shoe Rack – Storage Space Saver



Pictures will be posted soon

Our rustic handmade ‘Shoe Rack’ is made from spruce wood. It is 48″ long, 12″ high, and extends about 4.5″ from the wall. The rack is both screwed and nailed together, with the nails and screws ends left exposed to maintain the rustic look. It is designed to be screwed into the wall where the studs are located; however, you could use hooks just under the top support if you prefer.

The one in the picture is 48 inches long, and these can be made to any size to custom fit your area. Make sure you leave at least 1″ of space. Example your usable space is 26″ the shelf should be only 25″ or 24′ to provide a little space on each side. They are also 12″ high and if you want to stack them, leave about a minim of at least 2″ between them. We can adjust the price after you place your order; just email me and let me know which size works best for you, and I will provide the price. Please note that we only adjust the length of the shoe shelf, not the design.